Quiralta’s SimpleMind Brush Set part 3

In the previous post I showed a couple of brushes that where a bit more oriented towards a traditional look, the type of painting would look more “fuzzy” or even “painterly” while I use them. In this occasion I will continue to show some of those but I also want to round up the introduction for the bundle and therefore will introduce some of my brushes I use for paintings that have a “digital” look and or conceptual art. I will leave more details to be explained along my series of Digital Art Journey, which is related mostly to Krita and thus this brush presets.


One of the main benefits of digital painting is the ability to draw with very little expense, we can do dozens of sketches without running out of paper, pencil or ink, without cleaning up the eraser crumbs, and with a zoom that only is possible through the digital realm. I’m not saying is better than traditional, in fact, I still sketch more with a pencil and eraser, but at times is just easier to sit in front of the PC and make a few lines.

Unlike pencil or pen, or even marker, sketching on digital medium gives you the possibility to sketch with brushes, something that in real life would be rather costly. Krita is very good at this, as many of you already found out, its “ergonomics”, this is, the way we can use the digital pen and tablet allows for a very smooth workflow.

These simple sketches demonstrate the ease of doing them while using a more textured brush instead of only pencil along, once again, let’s us remark the usefulness of having an erase mode for all presets, painting in “negative” allows for a even wider range of effects, like highlights and different shades of the same color, specially when the brush preset is set to change opacity and or mix the background or foreground color with their sensors, going monotone isn’t a difficult task at all with these.

The presets I used for these sketches are all under the “Landscape” tag, and just as is shown here, I like to make quick landscapes that are not too detailed but not too bare either, sketching with the brush textures and effects gives a nice in between result, something that can be used for story boards (like the first and last shown above), for illustration, etc.

I like, not only simplicity on the way I draw, but also I like to keep a playful aspect on it, I don’t like to be too specific when using a brush and always try to find new uses for them, I may have tweaked a brush preset to do leaves or tree bark but it doesn’t mean that’s their only purpose, we can always find much more fun ways to used them even on drawing we wouldn’t think of, this not only applies to my bundle, but to all brush sets and mediums in general, I think is always refreshing to find new methods with old tools.


When talking about digital painting, there is really no single style for it, in this time, all kinds of art can be done with computers, brushes can mimic all sort of mediums, but for this blog post, I would like to refer digital painting as a slightly more “clean cut” style of painting, sharp edges or soft but well defined strokes. Very often we see this style as Conceptual art, the brush presets I have under the “Digital” tag are in origin meant to do this kind of drawings, but once again, I’ve been using them to do all sort of styles, is really up to the user to decide, I just try to keep them in groups they way I use them.

One of my favorite brushes and the one I have used the most ever since I started using Krita, was originally the basic round brush, but from the very beginning I felt like it needed just a little tweak regarding the pressure size. I’ve done most of my digital illustrations with it, I also use it to color as it has no opacity effect. At times I use nothing but this brush, but usually having a little contrast in texture “highlights” the clean strokes it produces. Because of my experience and the way I rely on it I called “Firstink” (qs_b_firstink).

One of the effects I like to apply to some of my customized brush presets is the ability to do more than one thing at a time depending on pen pressure and on texture, for instance, switch the foreground and background colors, and size, very useful when doing clouds, as they can be done without going back and forward to the settings dialogues, yet I make sure that they will give plenty of freedom in the stroke, meaning that a single stroke wouldn’t make a full cloud, you have to shape it yourself, otherwise I think it would be too boring.

As for textures, they are very useful in adding randomness and unevenness to the strokes, in Krita, there is a still-new feature called Masked Brush, this allows to set a different brush tip and blending mode in top of the main one, this in turn let us add texture to the strokes without using patterns, and if you stick to the Pixel Engine, these brushes become really fast and thus a pleasure to paint with.

This would conclude the introduction and basic explanation of my bundle, which isn’t (the bundle) as extended and feature full as many other bundles out there, I hope you find it fun and entertaining more than anything else though, and if you also find it useful, the merrier! Let me know if you did had fun with it, how you use it, what you did with it, will be very pleasant on my side to know it.

As mentioned above, I would keep giving little yet more detailed explanations here and there in my other blog entry series, but if you have a specific question, just let me know, my email and social medias are listed on the site, just click on the three bar icon on your top right.

You can download theย Quiraltaโ€™sย SimpleMind Brush set here, thank you for reading and GB!