After observing different styles of Art and Craft, I finally came across with a set of aesthetics that provide me with the inspiration for my projects, namely Kokeshi dolls, the simplicity is quite attractive to the eye, maybe because is easy to visually “digest” it, yet behind the look, there is a complex set of principles that need to be in harmony in order to achieve that specific style, proportions, colors, strokes, all of it in a carefully organized subtle dance. I am not creating actual Kokeshi dolls (yet), but crafts (artwork) that is been conceived while trying to pursue those same principles.

In finding a similar approach, I decided to create a Protocol for myself, a set of personal rules that would keep my eyes in sync with my inspirations. My goal is to produce, like Kokeshi, a series of crafts that would stay along the lines of simplicity while presenting at the same time a rich amount of “eye candy“.

In 2019 I decided to rename my craft, is in essence the same principles but like everything else, it has grown, is the following chapter of what I’ve been doing. Is my next step and I hope changes like these would allow me to keep growing my skills and my persona in order to continue enjoying the world of creativity and craft.

Kokeshi Protocol
Quiralta Protocol